mango dipping sauce

What do my kids love to eat on a road trip ??? Those who have spent a lot of time with us know the answer to that question……..its French Fries !!! Don’t worry this post is not about how to make FF, as we call it at home, but about the dipping sauce that I make to go along with it when I make it for parties. I season the fries differently each time…ahh ,well, I’ll do a post about that later !!  I bake it rather than deep frying them. Feels more healthy that way !!!  Then I amp up the taste by serving it with a MANGO DIPPING SAUCE. Now before you go all ” mayo with french fries” …..in Europe, where french fries were created, you get them with mayo as a dip !!! Frankly, I am not a ketchup , plain that is, fan so this works out just fine for me !!

There is a story behind the creation of this recipe. My sis, S and her hubby once attended the food festival of Chicago where a restaurant had put out a mango dipping sauce for FF. They came back with rave reviews about it. This year I was in Chicago at the time of the festival and wanted to attend, but circumstances were against me ( swollen tonsils and cranky kids ) so I searched the web, combined ingredients from different recipes ( I did’nt want to go shopping you see ), the key being ……..using things I had at home and came up with this. It is tangy and  sweet and it cuts thru the spices on the FF, beautifully  in my opinion. I used a hot mango chutney since most mayonnaises tends to be on the sweeter side. If you prefer it hotter add pepper or chilli powder or even hot sauce. No ,I did not make my own mayo, I will take shortcuts especially when really good brands are easily available . Also the measurements are decided by your tastes. If you prefer less mayo, then use more chutney or vice versa. Its simple and easy. This makes about a cup.

Mango dipping sauce 2



¼ – ½ cup Mango Chutney ( any brand, I use Pataks Hot Mango Chutney )

juice of 1 Lime

zest of 1 Lime

½ – ¾ cup Light Mayonnaise

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste


Grate the zest from the lime before squeezing out the juice.

If your mango chutney is smooth then omit this step. If it is chunky then, blend together the lime juice and chutney till it is smooth.

Mix together with the zest and mayonnaise.

Taste and season if necessary.

Serve either cold or room temperature with French Fries or any deep fried appetizer of your choice.