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I don’t know if anybody has noticed but my last 2 posts were food that were orange in colour…this one is the same !!! I have trouble getting N to eat his veggies, so I just incorporate them in the dish by pureeing them. This is one of his favourites…..the CARROT DOSA . I got the recipe from my sis S who has a book of like 100 dosa recipes. Its simple to make , has a great orange colour and tastes great with hints of coconut that compliment the heat of the chillies and the natural sweetness of the carrots.

Carrot Dosa

Carrot Dosa

2 cup Raw Rice

    2 cup Boiled Ponni Rice½ cup Urd Dal 

    2 tsp Methi Seeds

    1 ½ cups grated/ chopped Carrots

    1 small onion

    ¼ cup shredded Coconut

    4-6 dried Red Chillies

    2 tbsp Cilantro, chopped

    Salt to taste

Soak the rice, dal and methi seeds for 3-4 hours.

    In a food processor, blend together the coconut, carrots, onions and chillies.Grind together the soaked rice mixture. Halfway thru the grinding process, add the coconut-carrot mixture and salt . Grind till you get a smooth pour able batter. 

    Add the cilantro and let the batter rest for 3-4 hours before you use it.

Carrot Dosa

Carrot Dosa

If you do not feel like grinding the onions along with the other veggies, use chopped onions and add them along with the cilantro. I grind mine as N will not eat veggies that he can see ….its ok if he can’t see them!! I also think a good combo would be carrot and mint leaves. Feel free to add other flavours like ginger. I like this combo and it has worked for me in the past . The minute they stop eating this, I am reworking it until I find the tastes they will eat.