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Back from my vacation, revitalized, refreshed and brimming with new ideas !!!! I’d love to tell you that I ate different foods from different cuisines and so am in the process of integrating that into my cooking……….nope, not going to happen. My kids threw me under the bus this time !!! After promising that they would be nice to me and try out different things and at least eat one bite before they made up their minds to hate it ……they went there and insisted on eating Indian every single evening !!!! Even V does not  want to eat Indian for a week !!!! Everybody who knows him knows that this is a rare moment indeed !!! I came home, determined to at least have one meal that was not Indian …..as if that was going to happen !!! I was too tired to make something for them and something else for us so I just gave in and decided that my day would come. It did come…..I was speaking to my sis S , who is cooking more than I am and very delicious stuff I might add , I developed a hankering for a sandwich ….not just any sandwich but a grilled veggie one. It had to be something that V would like too or else whats the point ????

So off I went in search for a recipe that would kick my creative juices . I have a file full of recipes that I want to try, 2 books of hand written recipes and innumerable cookbooks……..you would think it would be easy to find one but not having all the ingredients proved to be a big stumbling block ! Finally, I decided to make one that was a cross between a recipe I had been wanting to try ( its from a vegan blog ) and one that S had made. Both the recipes called for Hummus which I did not have . I did have mayo , so that went on mine and Greek yogurt went on V’s ( he’s a mayo hater ). One called for pesto and the other called for guacamole , since I did not have either I used Green Chutney. Now that I had completely derailed from the recipes , I threw them aside and did what I pleased. Grilled some veggies on my stove- top grill, toasted some bread slightly and threw together a sandwich and settled down. It was so simple I made it in the time it took V to go buy some milk and come …..20 minutes and that includes the cooking of the veggies. This is so making it to my repertoire of quick and easy weeknight meals. It is pretty substantial so nothing else is required ……..though a ice cold lemonade would be great with it (well thats just me, if you prefer a beer that would do well too  )

Sandwich with Roasted Vegetables


makes 3 sandwiches

The Recipe

1 small Zucchini , sliced thin lengthwise

1 small Carrot , peeled and sliced thin lengthwise

half a small Red Onion , cut in thick slices

    1 small Bell Pepper , cut into thin flat slices

    ¼ of a English Cucumber , cut into thin slices

    1 small Tomato, sliced thin

    6 thin slices of mild Cheese ( optional )

    1 ½ tbsp Olive Oil

    1 ½ tbsp Lime Juice

    1 tsp Dried Basil

    ¼ cup Mayo /Greek Yogurt

    3-4 tbsp of Green Chutney ( mine is a chilli one, use whatever brand you prefer )

    9 slices of thick hardy Bread , preferably something from a bakery

    Salt to taste

    Pepper to taste

    Mix together the oil, lime juice , basil and the seasonings. Add to the all the vegetables except the tomatoes and cucumber. Set aside.

    Heat a grill pan. While it is heating up , mix together the Greek yogurt or the mayo with the green chutney.

      Spray the grill pan with some oil . Then lay the veggies on it and grill till marks appear on both sides and it is soft but still a bit of crunch.

      Toast the bread lightly. Spread the green chutney-mayo mixture on one side of all slices.

      To assemble, on the first slice , place the zucchini , carrots, onions and peppers . Top with another slice and on that place the tomatoes, cucumber and cheese , if using any. Cover with last slice.

      Cut in half and serve

      Sandwich with Grilled Veggies and Green Chutney

      Taste Test

      What can I say….a meal so simple tasted so delicious and no I am not saying that as I had’nt eaten anything other than Indian food for so long !!!! Grilling , just like roasting seems to bring out a sweetness in the vegetables especially the carrots and onions. That when combined with the heat of the green chutney are so perfectly balanced . Like wise the grilled veggies are balanced by the crunchiness of the raw veggies. The mayo/yogurt provides the creaminess though I have to admit that I liked the tang of the yogurt better than the mayo !!! Since this is big sandwich it does need a hardy bread as the vessel. I never buy bread from the bread aisle, rather I go to the bakery, pick out a loaf and have it cut. It might be snobbish but the taste is unequaled. As I mentioned earlier, pesto and hummus are good alternatives but I think I will stick to my changes. I really do like my spices and heat !!!!