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Garbanzo Cashew Burger with Carrot -Pineapple Slaw

Off late , I have been almost frustrated with cooking…..every thing tastes the same, my creativity has gone for a toss and its become a chore. I guess I needed inspiration to cook again. When I am in a rut like that , I just pop in to my favourite cooking blogs and get inspired by them. Some of these women and men are amazing. They have so much creativity and their pictures are gorgeous….lets face it you eat with your eyes first !!! Thats the reason why I am working so hard to improve my photography . The props they use , the settings , the light….you just want to reach in and take the morsel and put it in your mouth and all of these people cook mostly meats !!!! I have drooled over many a picture….my key board will attest to that !!! I have the list of blogs I regularly visit at the end of the post. The other thing that amazes me is their willingness to push boundaries and always try new things. Half the stuff that they make I don’t even dream of making !! While I have not reached their level , I have opened myself to new horizons and flavours . I am always on the lookout for new recipes ……I have 3 recipe books filled with recipes written by my hand and almost 120 pages of recipes stored on my computer to try later !!!

I recently read a recipe for this burger and I was hooked. I kept thinking about it and how it would taste and finally just decided to buy the ingredients and make it. I even started on earlier than usual …I did’nt want the kids running up and saying they’re hungry and distracting me while I was putting it together. As I was cooking, I could feel my brain kick starting again, brimming with ideas for variations on the one I was cooking and ideas for other meals. I will not claim the kudos for creating this burger, I found the recipe online and made some changes along the way to make it mine. V even helped me out by taking care of the kids, putting out their dinner , water and all that while I took my pictures. I even splurged and cut hydrangea from the garden ( if you can call it that )…..by the way its the only plant that I have not killed, you could say it survives in spite of me !!!



1 can / 14 oz cooked Garbanzo Beans / Chickpeas

¼ cup grated Carrots

½ cup minced Onions

2 Green Chillies , minced

2 Garlic cloves, minced

¼ cup Cashews , coarsely ground

In a processor, coarsely process the garbanzo beans.

Then add the other ingredients except the egg, flour and breadcrumbs.

Add in the egg lightly beaten. Mix well.

Add as much flour and bread crumbs as needed for the burgers to come together.

Form patties but do not pack tightly. This ensures that you have a creamy and soft inside rather than hard.

Sauté in a pan with some oil, till brown on both sides

.Toast the buns, place lettuce , tomato slices , then the burger and finally top with the slaw.


½ cup Pineapple, chopped

1 cup Cabbage, thinly sliced

1 cup Carrots, grated

2 stalks Spring Onion, sliced at an angle

2 tbsp Cilantro, finely chopped

2 tbsp Lime Juice

Mix together the carrots, cabbage, pineapple, spring onion and cilantro.

For the dressing, mix together the lime juice, soy, oil, honey, ginger , salt and pepper.

Use the tbsp for the oil first and then the honey……..it’ll come off easily.

Pour over the slaw. Refrigerate till needed. 


Taste Test

When V first saw what I had put on the plates….he raised his eyebrows and said “ ahh”. Then he proceeded to sit down at the table and there was complete silence from him . The only thought that ran thru my brain was ….he hates it. Then he looks up and says “how do I make another…this is good “ Men are not eloquent when it comes to food unless they are foodies !!!

This combination had intrigued me from the get go but I was always hesitant about the slaw as I am not a fan of soy based dressings !!! I am now a convert. I loved the slaw. It had crunch, sweetness, sourness and warmth from the ginger. The burger was creamy and soft on the inside with the crisp  brown skin. My only problem with the burger was that I did not taste the cashew as much as I would’ve liked. I might increase to 1/3 cup the next time or even try chopping and adding it for another layer of texture ! The toasted buns caught the juices from the slaw and all I have to say is the only word that will be uttered when you eat this is…….ummm !!!

Garbanzo- Cashew Burger with Carrot -Pineapple Slaw

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