Quick Rasmalai

By now I am pretty sure my friends and family have realized two things about me………I love sweets but I don’t make them. The only time I do is under duress or b’coz its a festival even then its only rudimentary stuff !!! Its not that I can’t make ….its just the question of patience. I am not patient enough enough to wait for the milk to reduce to half or stir something until it forms a ball or enough for it form bars …!!!! I firmly believe in giving in to temptation before sanity prevails !!! I mean I don’t want to wait b’coz I know for sure that guilt pangs will hit by the time its done, especially since I am working hard to lose my extra pounds and keep them off !!!!!

So imagine my joy when I came across this recipe. Its a QUICK RASMALAI , one of my favourite desserts. There is this sweet shop in Bangalore that serves the most soft, melt in your mouth Rasmalai that I have eaten. My friends make them from scratch and it tastes great but I certainly don’t want to make the paneer then cook the discs and then make the milk base and then by the time its all done , I am too tired to eat !!!! This recipe uses canned Rasgullas and while you can certainly use a pkg Rabdi mix or even a Basundi mix( it sort of reduced caramelized thickened milk sweet ), this is the one time I actually reduced the milk and made it from scratch…the way I figure its semi homemade this way !!!!!

I made it for a potluck dinner that we once had with V’s office colleagues and I have to say it was polished off by the end of the night…….well they ate most it but the last 2 were shared by V and me !!! Just b’coz I found this recipe does’nt mean I have started making sweets at home…..no this is just a weapon in my arsenal in case I have another dinner party. 8 pounds down,12 more to go before my b’day !!!!


             1 can Rasgullas

3 cups Milk½ cup Sugar

1 tbsp Cashew Paste

½ tbsp Cardamom Powder

pinch of Saffron

2 tsp chopped Pistachios

2 tsp chopped Almonds

    Take the rasgullas , gently squeeze them to remove all the syrup. Press down slightly to form discs and set aside, covered.In a heavy bottomed pan, boil the milk with the sugar and the cashew paste until it reduces by half .Now add the cardamom powder and allow to cool slightly. Then add the saffron and the discs. Allow the discs to absorb the milk. Refrigerate.

    Serve garnished with Pistachios and Almonds.

    Quick Rasmalai

    Taste Test

    It was a bite of heaven. The pale white soft discs melt in your mouth and the milk is like cream slightly sweet with the crunch of the nuts….just enough to provide a contrast in textures. The saffron while providing colour also gives it a hint of that floral aroma ……. the mark of really good saffron. I enjoyed every bite.

    I have to be honest and tell you that even though the discs are very soft , they are even softer when you make them from scratch. You can use the pkg mixes for the milk base…it certainly is easier ! Also if you feel like it and want to indulge , use half and half instead of milk, you can use whole milk too …I stuck with my 2% …don’t want to give in to temptation too much !!!! By the way, I did’nt have any Pistachios so I stuck with Almonds only.