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" Fajita " wrap

I love Mexican food……at least the version they serve here in the US. Probably b’coz it is very similar in flavours to Indian food, though not as heavily spiced. There have been days when I dream of eating nachos smothered in flavourful black beans, onion and peppers served with a side of spicy salsa and cool sour cream. I like my chips crunchy so I get everything separate and it also helps me eat less since the kids share it with me and they eat only what they like !!!! In fact after play dates if we do decide to go out for lunch we always end up at a Mexican place where my friend A and I will pig out on nachos !!!! Even N who is my pickiest eater likes going to a Mexican restaurant!!

But V is not as fond of it as I am …….at least thats what I thought until I started making Mexican food at home ! Apparently its restaurant food that he is not so fond of …..lets face it , the man does not eat cheese , sour cream or guacamole………what else can you find in a Tex Mex place ?????

I love fajitas and thankfully V likes it too……same scenario as above, he can eat what he likes and leave the rest !!!! How ever we do not have a grill…..I have a small stove top one. So what do I do to get the same flavour profile ….I decided to bake the veggies. It does not give me the smokiness that grilling does but it is an equally delicious version !!! Rather than making black beans the traditional way, I lighten it up by making a fruit-black bean salsa. All in all I am glad I made the small changes as it resulted in a healthy yet delicious wrap !!! On a side note , did you know that fajitas are derived from the Spanish word “faja” which means “ belt “ and was traditionally a campfire dish.



6 Flour Tortillas

    ½ cup sliced Red Onions 

    ½ cup Cauliflower florets

    ½ cup Broccoli florets

    ½ cup Red Peppers, sliced

    ½ cup Green /Yellow Peppers, sliced

    ½ cup Carrots, sliced

    ½ cup Zucchini sliced

    4 tbsp Olive oil

    2-3 tbsp Fajita Seasoning

    Salt to taste

    Salsa ( any kind)

    Pre heat the oven to 425 F. 

    Marinate the veggies in 3 tbsp olive oil, fajita seasoning and salt for 20 minutes. The amount of fajita seasoning depends on your taste.

    Tip the veggies onto a baking sheet greased with 1 tbsp olive oil.

    Bake for around 20 minutes until the veggies are crisp yet soft on the inside.

    Soften tortillas by wrapping them in a wet tissue and nuking them in the microwave for 30 seconds.

    Place veggies in the tortillas. Fold over and serve with salsa .


" Fajita " Wrap

Taste Test

I love this wrap. The veggies are crisp ,juicy and full of flavour. You have a little heat, smokiness from cumin , aroma and a slight warmth and bitterness from oregano. Also present in the fajitas seasoning is garlic powder. There is sweetness from the red peppers, onions and carrots which baking just intensifies. The normally bland cauliflower is bursting with flavour.

The veggies I used are the ones in my refrigerator , when you are making this just make sure that you have different flavours and textures .I love fruit based salsa and they work perfectly here. I used chipotle flavoured tortillas so there were so many layers of flavours. My kids love rice so I always make some for them. Its very simple…just cook the rice in tomato paste , tomato juice and some spices. For those who do not have access to fajita seasoning…an acceptable alternative is cumin powder, chilli flakes, garlic or garlic powder, salt and oregano.

You can serve this like you would fajitas…..separately with hot tortillas, rice, black beans, pico, sour cream and lettuce. But there is something to be said for biting into a wrap filled with fruity salsa, flavourful veggies and the juices running down your mouth…….its an experience to be savoured !!!!