I just created a page for the blog and joined the Facebook band wagon. Thanks to all who have “liked” me . Its very encouraging so thanks again.

Recently we had a party for N’s b’day. When I asked him what kind of cupcakes or cake he wanted , he told me he wanted something different…….not the usual stuff !!! By some coincidence I was watching a program on unique bakeries in LA while we were talking about this…….there was a section about a woman who makes these unique cake pops. Like the cartoons…….a light bulb popped and lit up !!! I could make cake pops !!! The last time we were at Starbucks, N loved the raspberry chocolate cake pops so I figured I could make some version of that.

Now it was time for some research and having done that I figured I would use mixes for everything and make a semi homemade version !!! I am all about ease of method. Now if you are one of those people who does not like mixes and would prefer to make everything from scratch , go ahead. As I always say , do what works for you !!! So I picked a dark chocolate cake mix, whipped vanilla frosting and strawberry preserves and ended up making a DARK CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY CAKE POP . I also used dark chocolate as the coating . Initially I went with white chocolate with blue food colouring….I had grandiose ideas of drawing light sabers on them …lets just say my initial ideas did not pan out !!!

I did not get to taste any of them……..the kids did not leave me any !!! I got to taste only the cake balls and I have to say I loved them !! Did I ever tell you that I am a chocoholic ??? I love chocolate in all its forms. This one had the intense taste of dark chocolate with a hint of sweetness from the frosting and preserves . There is also the slightest tang from the strawberries. The cake is lusciously moist with bits of strawberry preserve running thru all encased by a delicious chocolate shell !!! My friends all assured me ……well the ones who got to taste it…….that it tasted absolutely divine and forms a ridiculously cute package !!!


1 pkg. Dark Chocolate Cake Mix

1 can Whipped Vanilla Frosting ( 12 oz )

½ cup Strawberry Preserves

12 oz Semi Sweet Chocolate Morsels

¼ cup Whipping Cream

24 Lollipop Sticks

Coloured Sugars or Sprinkles

Bake the cake according to the instructions on the mix.

Cool in the refrigerator. Once it is cold, place the cake in the processor and process till you get fine crumbs.

Then measure out ½ cup frosting and add it along with the preserves to the cake crumbs.

If does not form a dough, add some more frosting till it does. It should sort of resemble the inside of truffles.

Roll them into balls and chill in the refrigerator overnight or at least 2 hours.

Melt 2 tbsp chocolate morsels in the microwave for 15 seconds.

Dip one end of the lollipop stick in the chocolate and then put them into the cake balls.

Melt the semi sweet chocolate morsels with a couple of tablespoons of cream. I kept the chocolate at a constant temperature over a double boiler while I dipped the pops in it.

Cover a piece of styrofoam with plastic wrap and pierce the pops into it and sprinkle the sugars or sprinkles.

Place the styrofoam in the refrigerator and let the chocolate set.


I am really glad I went thru the effort of making these cute little suckers !!! Believe me when I say it was a process, mostly because I was winging at a few points and learning as I went. It took me 3 attempts before I made passably decent ones !!!! The first time I did not add enough frosting and preserves to form the dough and the balls broke from the stick with the weight of the chocolate. The second time, I could not maintain the chocolate at the right temperature so that it would not become thick and seize up on me !!!! Finally I got the procedure right!!! As I said earlier I wanted to draw light sabers on them and do all that fancy stuff but after all those attempts I just ran out of steam and ended with a bouquet of cake pop flowers !!! I was very hesitant to show them to N thinking he would be upset but no he did’nt care he was just happy that I went thru all this effort and that he had something different !!! I have great kids !!!

Make sure you follow the steps and don’t be put off by the number of steps. It is very easy once you know what to do and its definitely worth it. It may be only two bites but they are delicious and divine two bites !!! This is going to my very first blog event……..a Chocolate Mela !!!