Chocolate Orange Cake Pops

I know I am about 2 weeks late with my halloween post but its has been ridiculous around here !!! Between getting ready for Diwali, the kids classes and the kids schools,I have been so busy !!! This year, I am the room mom for my twins, which means I help with all the parties. For the fall party, I wanted to make something special for the kids but at the same time it has to be something that I could make quickly and easily. I went thru my options and then got sidetracked with all the possibilities and ended up zeroing on cake pops, just because they are so cute and now I have a better grasp on how to make them !! So there went my plan for fast but it was still easy !!!!!

Does anyone remember the candy that is shaped like an orange ??? I love those, not that I can eat them now…….between India and the move , my exercise regimen has gone down the drain and I have lost momentum !!!! Anyway, back to the topic at hand, I picked chocolate and orange. It still had to be easy though so I decided to go with a basic cake mix , available at all grocery stores. I also picked a store bought frosting……I don’t know if you have seen them but now you get the option to pick from various flavors like cotton candy, orange, caramel and add them to a basic frosting to make your own flavor. I picked……you guessed it, orange !!!

A few tweaks to amp up the orange flavor and then it was onto the chocolate coating. After my fiasco last time, I decided that before embarking on this venture, I needed to do more research and during this research I found out that you either used chocolate bark or candy coating to get that smooth finish. Now I had limited time and had to go to a particular store to get lollipop sticks and that that store had candy coating so thats what I used. I wanted to use orange colored candy coating but it being fall and near halloween , they were out so I bought white and used orange and green sprinkles.I suppose I could have used food coloring but I was already pushing my luck using a product I hadn’t used before so I just went basic!!! One day I hope I can everything I want and make them the way they look in my head !!!!

It turned out to be easy to make with candy coating and I was pretty happy with the results. The kids liked it and so did the adults. Now that I know how to make the basic , here’s hoping for great results with future experiments !!




1 Milk Chocolate cake mix

¾ cup Orange Juice

1 ½ tbsp Orange Zest

1 can Orange Frosting

¼ cup Orange Marmalade

2 pkgs. ( 12 oz each ) Vanilla Candy Melts

Lollipop Sticks

Orange and Green Sprinkles


Bake the cake following the directions on the box, substituting 1 ¼ cups of water with equal quantities of water and orange juice.

Also add the orange zest.

Once baked, cool the cake by refrigerating for a couple of hours.

Crumble the cake or process in the processor. It should not have any lumps or big pieces.

Add the frosting and marmalade and form a dough of sorts .

Roll into small balls and refrigerate or freeze until firm.

Pierce the sticks into the balls and make sure that they are at least halfway thru.

Melt the candy melts according to the pkg. instructions.

Dip the balls into the candy, making sure it is completely covered.

Dust with sprinkles before they dry and become firm.


Chocolate Orange Cake Pops

Personally, I love dark chocolate with orange but the kids like milk chocolate so I went with that. It is a delicious combination. Between the juice, zest and marmalade, you get the citrus perfume and freshness of orange with the luscious texture of chocolate. What more could a person want……..well if you are a kid, lets face it even adults, you want the cake pops encased in sweet, vanilla candy with sugary sweet sprinkles.


As I said earlier, I wanted to use orange candy melts but couldn’t find it. You use whatever color you want . The brand I used was the Wilton brand as that was the one available to me. If you access to more , experiment and figure out which one you like best. I also did not melt all of it , I melted them in batches so that it would not harden on me.I went with mixes for convenience but if you want to go the from scratch route , go ahead. If you want more ideas go to www.bakerella.com