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Couscous Salad with Chermoula Dressing

I am suffering from the end of the year syndrome…..not the calendar year but the school year !!! I just had a talk with N’s teacher abt how he is suffering from said syndrome and I was over the whole process !! I turn around and realize I have all the same symptoms !!!! Now does that mean I am looking forward to the summer holidays…..not really ! Imagine it , 60 odd days with all three of them home !!! I will admit it ….I am scared !!! I may be bigger, older and more mature but they outnumber me !!!! Well, getting back to the end of the year syndrome…..I am lethargic, have no enthusiasm and pretty much don’t want to do anything constructive !! Feeling the way I do, how am I supposed to keep the kid’s spirits up ???

Its teacher appreciation week at N’s school…

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