Who am I ?

An introduction is in order I think……

Well this blog started as a way for me to catalog the recipes that I make for my family and friends. But now that I have visitors who are not related to me,  I figure its time for me to introduce myself !!! I am Gayathri, the daughter of two of the best parents in the world, older sister to a genuine and warm woman , wife of one of the few good men and the mother of three adorable, rambunctious and beautiful children.

The seed for cooking ,and all forms of hospitality arts, was planted in me when I heard stories about my father’s work …at the time he worked for a 5 star hotel in the Middle East. I read a lot and it seemed that the protagonists in almost all the books I read ,worked in the hospitality industry. I was hooked. Fuel to this fire was further added when my cousin ,V, who in my innocent eyes was everything I wanted to be , taught me cooking.

The rest as they say is history. After a few bumps on the road , I studied Hotel Management and graduated with flying colours. Marriage bought me to the United States where I was exposed to cuisines other than classical French and English. I had finally found a home for all this energy and passion in me . I am not ashamed to say it……I am a foodie, I love food , I love to eat , I love to cook and I love to study about food.

As I said earlier this blog started as a way for me to catalog the recipes I cook so that family and friends, who ask me for them, have a place to go. Slowly it is growing to a full fledged blog. I try to create original recipes as my family consists of picky eaters……..its just easier that way !!! If I get inspired by a recipe, I will mention it. If however the origin is not listed, its probably b’coz……..honestly  I don’t remember where I jotted it from. If you do want the original , I will try and find the site or book and forward the details to you. Either drop me a note on the blog or email me at spicesgalore@hotmail.com . 

I have worked long and hard to improve my photography skills and believe me it shows !!! These are my original pictures. If you wish to use any of them , please email me before doing so. Hope you enjoy this journey that I am on ….to discover all the pleasures that food offers and hopefully inspire others to do the same.


3 thoughts on “Who am I ?”

  1. You make me want to cook and eat!!!

    • Gayathri Srinivasan said:

      Thanx. Sri’s pictures make me want to be a better photographer. I guess we’ll be a part of a mutual admiration society !!!!

  2. Marinella A. said:

    Finally I can seat and look at your beautiful blog!!!

    As soon as I prepare one of your delicious recipes I will let you know ….

    Take care!

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